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Monday, January 31, 2005

Sex rears its yummy head 1

I’m amazed it’s taken me this long to write anything about sex. Perhaps it’s because I’m finally in a non-cheating relationship.

Back in my salad days of loose sex, in my twenties and thirties, I cheated all the time. One good thing about it: I was always quick to forgive anyone who cheated on me, and never thought that cheating was any reason to break up, have a fight, or resent the one you love.

I remember one thing vividly: that I always felt really guilty cheating on someone I was breaking up with. Much guiltier than cheating on someone with whom I was having a stable relationship.

Was it because it’s tough to cheat when you’re hurting – or because you have the hottest sex when you’re breaking up?

I’m know why I’m not cheating anymore, but do you? Do you stop cheating because:

1) You’re too in love to cheat? (Never understood this - what's the connection?)
2) Your sexuality is totally used up by your lover?
3) You’re getting to old to cheat?
4) Condom-less sex with your lover is so much better than the condom sex you’re obliged to have when you're cheating?

What do you think? If it’s too much hassle to post a comment here, email me at and I’ll post your comment anonymously for you.


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