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Friday, February 11, 2005

Serial novel ALL THE PEOPLE YOU CAN EAT, chapter 5: Domino wants Slave

(To catch up with the first 4 chapters, click here and look at "previous posts." The chapters are short: you'll catch up in ten minutes.)

Domino sat with Slave in the helicopter, Xavier and Alfred in front of him. The bodyguards and Hlabla, the interpreter, had been dispatched by car to Brooks Brothers to get the interpreter a good suit until Domino’s personal tailor could stitch up a few ensembles for him. Domino picked up Slave’s hand and showed it to the others.

“Even her hands. Look at her hands. They’re flawless. Look at the thumb. Have you ever seen a more beautiful thumb?” He smiled at Slave. She flashed a demure smile back at him.

“My god, we won’t even have to fix her teeth.”

“I told you,” said Alfred.

“Generations of genes have conspired to produce the perfect human specimen.”

“We will be able to make her famous in three months flat. Just in time for your show.”

“We must teach her English, too.”

“We have a choice of two accents. Upper-class British or French.”

“Upper-class British,” said Domino. “A French accent sounds too coquettish and cheap. We want the hauteur of the British. It will make Slave more exotic and aloof. Dignified like the goddess.”

“The hauteur of the oppressor combined with the name of the oppressed, all in one being.”

“Exactly, my sweet cherub. And we will also need someone to fuck her. A frustrated beauty is the most dangerous thing on the earth.”

“Some giant macho hero from the world of sports.”

“No, we must find a male model. Someone we can control with a big penis. Who has a big penis?”

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