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Monday, April 25, 2005

Bookplanet: if Amy can, so can you

Why would someone with a sure-fire best-seller on her hands self-publish instead of going to a real publisher? Amy Fisher just did. All you would-be authors, it might be worth looking into. Self-publishing is different from vanity publishing if you make a business of it. But remember one thing: you have to own your own ISBN number. Apparently that's important; I guess you get more royalties that way.
"When Amy Fisher finished writing her memoir about shooting her lover's wife, she told her agent not to send the manuscript to New York publishers. Instead, Fisher, who made headlines in 1992 as the 17-year-old 'Long Island Lolita,' turned to iUniverse in Lincoln, Neb. The company charges authors several hundred dollars to convert a manuscript into a book and make it available for sale online. Fisher's 'If I Knew Then,' which came out in September, is probably the first sure-fire success to start out under the imprint of a so-called self-publishing company." More here.


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