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Friday, July 29, 2005

Liveliest comments of the month, by far

From Eurotrash:
32: I too am a lurker around these parts, and this is my first entry. What I can't figure out is why people make such a big thing about injustices when they occur in the western world and not on the injustices the western world inflicts on other peoples.
Posted by Jenny at 4:23 pm on 07.08.05
33: Hey Jenny, fuck you. I seem to remember global rallies protesting the injustice in Iraq and a bunch of people working to get aid for Africa. Hey whatever.
Posted by Cranky at 4:35 pm on 07.08.05
34: What's with the Lurkers? Christ, they're all suddenly coming out of the shadows for some reason or other. And each one is as mealy-mouthed as the other. To think that there's a whole festering crowd of like-minded cunts constantly gawking at us and now all of a sudden they've decided to emerge with their fucking Dickensian platitudes. Enough to give one the shits!
Posted by Trevor at 5:19 pm on 07.08.05
Posted by Lurker at 6:28 pm on 07.08.05
37: Hey Lurker, BITE ME!
Trevor RULES. You however are the cunt in cuntish, you are the apex of cuntishness, your flaccid micropenis is more flaccid than the most flaccid of all micropenii.
You are the the opening chord in a symphony of CUNTS, you are a veritable sonnet of CUNTISHNESS, your cuntishness is not exceeded even by the most perfect of CUNTs, yes even Plato's ideal cunt pales in comparison.
Oh yes, I'm drunk in case you could not tell.
Oh yeah and all you whining cunt lurkers, just shut up. Or as we say in New Yawk, STFU.
The real question for Jenny and her ilk is not why no one cares when stuff happens in the non-western world ... why does she not care when stuff happens to people that are of the non-western world.
Do you think that some person that got blown up yesterday has any more control over the actions of Bush/Blair than your average Muslim has over the actions of Bin Laden? Does one of yesterday's victims bleed any less, is any less frightened, is any less innocent than some poor bastard in Baghdad. Because if you believe that, your CUNTISHNESS is beyond cuntish, there is no longer even a word for it. Why can't you feel empathy for some regular person just going to work yesterday who got blown up.
Like some Limey said, the flaw is not in our stars dear somebody or other, but in ourselves or something like that. You know those Limeys are good with the words, but they got a point. You need to look in the mirror stupid JENNY lurker and people who think like Jenny. I know when the chimp started bombing Iraq, people here were like oh my god, what the hell is he doing? I bet when idiots bomb Western places, you just laugh. CUNT!
Posted by Cranky at 10:49 pm on 07.08.05


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