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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I wish some anti-abortion people had been aborted

Federal drug regulators on Friday once again delayed making a decision on allowing over-the-counter sales of the morning-after pill, saying they needed more time to gather public reaction to the plan and to figure out how they could enforce it.
Lester M. Crawford, the commissioner of food and drugs, said in a news conference that his agency had decided that the science supported giving over-the-counter access of the drug to women 17 and older, but that the agency could not figure out how to do that from regulatory and practical standpoints without younger teenagers' obtaining the pills, too. The agency will open a 60-day comment period for advice, but the commissioner would not predict when the agency might make a final decision.
The delay infuriated Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Patty Murray of Washington, both Democrats, who had allowed the Senate to vote last month on Dr. Crawford's nomination as commissioner only after the health and human services secretary, Michael O. Leavitt, promised that the agency would decide on Plan B by Sept. 1. "They broke their promise to Senator Murray and me, to the Congress and to the American people," said Mrs. Clinton, who described the decision as "outrageous." Full story here.


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