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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

If Al Gore had been president

1. We’d have a surplus instead of a massive deficit. We wouldn’t be owned by China.
2. We’d be admired by the world. Everybody would love America.
3. We wouldn't be fighting any stupid wars. Our troops wouldn't be dying for nothing.
4. Our government wouldn't be lying to us.
5. Saddam would be contained inside his two-bit desert borders.
6. Bin-Laden would’ve been caught and standing trial in The Hague.
7. We’d be breathing cleaner air.
8. There’d be two more women sitting on the Supreme Court.
9. There'd be hybrid cars galore and even hydrogen-powered cars on the road.
10. We wouldn't be famous for torturing people to death -- and for defending this practice.
11. Our President wouldn't be making the same speech over and over and over again.
12. We’d be proud to be Americans, and the world would be proud of us.
13. One negative: we’d be totally bored by Vice-President Joe Liebermann. There'd be a special TV channel that plays his speeches from 11 pm onwards to help insomniacs sleep.


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