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Monday, December 12, 2005

Adam's blogbox: a brief musing on art

Art, when you think about it, is about trying to replace reality. It's our human struggle with reality, to make it more like us, or more unlike itself. Consciousness wants to put itself out there, to compete with what is. To make another "is" to what-is -- a reality besides, on top, in competition, over reality.

All of us walk around with three consciousnesses: our consciosuness of ourselves, our consciousness of other people, and our consciousness of things.

Artists try to put their consciousness over on other people and things -- a form of utmost hubris, really. It's an attempt to double oneself, to make more of oneself than what there is. It's recognizing that we're nothing in the vastness around us, and we therefore attempt to challenge the Big What Is with something we can make, something ours, so we can step forth and say to reality: listen, here is what I can make, can you top this?


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