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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Peace on earth: Xmas shoppers beat the shit out of Santa

A department store Santa on his way home for the night was beaten up by stressed-out Christmas shoppers in Germany. Stefan Stettler, 31, from Wiesbaden, was still in character and chatting to other passengers while waiting for his train home.

Police say two men, allegedly stressed after a full day's Christmas shopping, lost their patience when asked to "tell Santa what they want for Christmas". The men took Stettler's sack of presents and beat him over the head with it, breaking his fingers as he tried to protect himself.

Stettler said: "Around this time of year shoppers seem to get this glint in their eyes and you can just see they are going to go off any minute. I should have known better but come on, who beats up Santa Claus?"

Police are still searching for the men but have no clue as to their identities.


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