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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Sex Pistols, about to be inducted into Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame, are defiant to the last

From the NY Times: The Sex Pistols will not attend their induction ceremony to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next month, according to a crude handwritten note posted at the band's Web site. "We're not coming," reads the note, filled with obscenities and misspellings. "We're not your monkey."
John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten is one of my personal heroes. There never was, and never will be, a more defiant little shit in rock 'n roll. He's the ultimate Bad William of the music biz.
I once saw him in the 80s on US TV, interviewed by Tom Snyder, who was trying to put Johnny down, and His Rotten Highness simply leaned back in his chair, put on his smirkiest smile ever, and proceeded to get under the skin of the big-time TV host with snarky answers and 'tude to such an extent that Tom Snyder got red in the face and wanted to hit the skinny little fuck right there and then on late-night TV.
I wish I could see a replay of that interview before I die. It's one of the most memorable three media moments of my life, along with
(2) a Johnny Carson interview with Angie Dickinson, where it became obvious that the two of them were absolutely dying to fuck each other, and probably did five minutes after the show ended, and
(3) the Terry Gross NPR radio interview with Kiss's Gene Simmonds, which I actually heard the first time it played -- it was so outrageous she replayed it a few times, but apparently can't anymore; I guess Gene's lawyers intervened because he made such a totally sexist asshole of himself.

What are your most memorable media moments?


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