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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Two more days till I start blogging my novel

This Wednesday, two days away, I'll start blogging my new novel in mini-chapters as a serial, like Dickens and others did with their novels in magazines and newspapers back in the 19th century.
You'll get all the usual stuff (Weird World, US Diary, Bookplanet, Deep Thoughts, etc) plus a mini-chapter every day of 600 words (a third shorter than the usual post).
The novel is called JESUS NATION SEX REBEL. It's set in an America of the future, when the country has been taken over by evangelical Christians, running a Taliban-style theocracy. The story is about one woman's stuggle for sexual liberation in this horribly repressed world.
She has plenty of sex, especially with this one guy, a professor of Creationism, who likes to seduce women and get them all mixed-up about their role in the society.
Are you ready?


At 2/20/2006 6:04 AM, Anonymous Cousin_Ryumi said...

Hell ya, bring it on!


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