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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Weird World: dentist gives his dog gold tooth

A Bosnian dentist has given his pet dog a gold tooth as a reward for his loyalty. Milan Vujnovic, from Banja Luka, said his eight-month-old Russian terrier Atos knows the gold tooth is 'special'. Vujnovic said: "He likes the fact that he has a gold tooth. He often shows it off because he knows it is something different and special. The Russian terrier is the smartest of all dogs and Atos deserved a special tooth because he is so loyal and special to me. It took me four hours to put the gold cover on his tooth but all the time he just sat there and didn't move an inch. He was as good as gold." He also said he had no fear thieves might try and steal his dog to take the gold tooth. "Atos is descended from the dogs that were used by the Soviet KGB. He's not a dog that would ever allow himself to get stolen."


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