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Sunday, March 05, 2006

JESUS NATION SEX REBEL, mini-chapter 14


I must steel myself for the fight of love, thought Eve. It’s all very well to discard my bra, but underneath its absence I must strap on a hard metal of the mind to protect myself with impenetrable wariness.

Just look what had happened to Rachel. She had slept with Simon, which was admittedly against the protocols of the Bureau of Behavior Design and Management under the Dating Contract that Rachel had signed with him.

But then, when Rachel had fallen pregnant, and it was Simon’s bounden duty to marry her, he had left her for a granddaughter of Pat Robertson, because a marriage into this illustrious family would be advantageous to his own career as an evangelist, even though there were all those rumors about her grandfather’s penis.

Simon was a man, which gave him the right to walk away from a promise to a Female.

Now Rachel was in big trouble. She could not abort the child, because Simon knew about it -- not that she would, she would never do anything as criminal as that -- but now she might be reclassified from her status as a Beloved to a Scarlet, and lose all her privileges as a Beloved.

The hearing was next week. Eve had volunteered to be a character witness for Rachel in front of the Patriot Board (over Rachel’s protestations: I don’t want to make trouble for you, too).

It was unthinkable that her best friend could be reclassified. If she were, that would make their friendship illegal. Friendships between Beloveds and Scarlets were Non-Sanctioned. She would never be able to talk to Rachel, her best friend, again. A big light would go out in her life.

Everything depended on next week’s hearing. She would have to fight like a Joan of Arc. She would have to deliver a speech that convinced the Patriot Board that Rachel was -- despite all the evidence against her -- a veritable candidate for sainthood.

I’ll tell the Board how Rachel is as good a Christian woman as ever existed. How she dedicates her life, like me, to saving homosexuals from their evil lifestyle. How she fell in love with a poor evangelist, and paid his way through college by working two jobs, and how he cruelly betrayed her once he was qualified. They won’t be able to reclassify Rachel after my testimony. This will be my first fight as a Female in Jesusland, the world of men, and I’ll win it.


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