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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Weird World: those wacky Russians make a 75-year old guy a porn star

A 75-year-old granddad has become a porn star in Russia after wandering into a blue movie audition by mistake. David Bozdoganov wandered into the Gorodcki production company's studios after mistaking posters for new erotic actors as an advert for a muscle man show. Director Alexander Plahov said: "We were auditioning for a new film and had a number of couples on stage simulating sex when I saw an old guy standing at the back. I wandered over to ask him to leave when I saw this massive package straining against his trousers. I thought, now this could be an original idea. And I was right - all the movies we've made with David have been huge successes." The 75-year-old’s biggest hits have been The Old Neighbour and The Handyman at Work. But Plahov added: "His female co-stars always complain because David believes in the beneficial power of garlic and insists on rubbing it on his erection before a scene and it's rather smelly."


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ha fatto bene


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