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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weird World: bank robber distracts security guard by throwing cash at him

A US bank robber escaped after throwing some of his haul over his shoulder as he fled from a security guard. The guard stopped to pick up the $20 bills and the robber escaped after his raid on a bank in Jersey City, New Jersey. The robber had walked into the bank and handed a note to a cashier, demanding $10,000 and a bag to put it in. The teller filled the bag with $20 bills. As he walked away, the teller pushed the hold-up alarm and shouted: "We've been robbed!" The security guard managed to grab the thief by the arm, but the robber wriggled free and then threw the cash behind him as he fled on foot. The robber got away with $4,217 - not including the $1,425 he dropped to slow down the guard's pursuit, reports said.


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