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Monday, June 05, 2006

Adam's blogbox: the bizarre business of politicians giving up on actually governing

I see Bush is bringing up the issue of gay marriage again. Jeez, the GOP is clutching at straws. Let's face it, even if Bush started a stupid war, he's no homophobe. I doubt if he personally gives a shit whether gays should be able to marry or not -- but hey, if it's an issue that reverberates with his base, he'll hammer it.
In this respect he's like all politicians: they habitually have to cover their personal feelings with lies to get votes.

We now, I believe, have been damned by politics to such an extent that once a pol wins office, he won't actually do the job he was voted to do, but will simply continue to do politics.
Our politicans don't govern; they just keep running for office even when they are in office.

Take the whole flap about immigration. A non-issue if ever there was one. The simple truth is that we have jobs for poor Mexicans, so they come and get them. End of story. The issue was only brought up because the GOP thought they could win votes by demonizing illegal aliens.

Mind you, maybe our government is not supposed to be governing anyway. We probably govern ourselves better than they can. Perhaps it's a good thing that politicians do politics instead of actually trying to run the country. They're not all that good at doing politics anyway. Going by their feeble attempts at politicking -- look how the immigration issue back-fired when Latinos took to the streets en masse -- heaven forbid they should start running things.

We should be thankful there's a leadership vacuum these days. We should be glad that gay marriage is on the domestic agenda, and that the foreign policy agenda is taken up by trying to prevent Iran from getting the bomb -- another non-issue (they need the bomb to stop us from invading them, after all. In fact, it would be a good thing if every nation had the bomb. That's the only way to prevent the US from starting another stupid war, like we did in Vietnam and now in Iraq. If everyone had the bomb, no one would start a war. The only way to guarantee world peace is to have world-wide nuclear weapons of mass destruction.)

Let the politicians have their non-issues, and let the country get on with running itself.
Now if there were only a way in which we could pull out of Iraq; it would be nice if the soldiers themselves simply stopped soldiering in Iraq, and remained on their bases. Mind you, that seems to be happening more and more.

Listen, it's high time we all did nothing for our country. We need a medical approach: first, do no harm. In other words, do nothing.


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