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Friday, June 09, 2006



Since Adam had become famous, he made his own schedule. He wasn’t at the university very often. He opted abruptly out of overseeing his staff, or reading the books of colleagues, and spent a great deal of time at Ezra’s compound. He went back to Manhattan mostly to see Eve.

He and Ezra talked about women. Adam thought of Ezra as an amateur devil. A pirate. His Christianity stopped at his crotch. For his part, Ezra took to instructing Adam in the ways of being a true libertine. He thought Adam had the makings, but needed mentoring. To show his pupil the range and scope of a devoted sex addict, he took Adam for a walk around his compound and pointed out all the pretty women – both staff and guests -- who were playing tennis or golf, lounging by the pool, lying on the beach, eating barbecue, and strolling through the garden.

“Fucked that one,” Ezra said. “Mounted that one. That one. Mounted them both. Together.”

Maybe getting bonked by Ezra was the price of entry to his compound.

“Is that how you vet them before they get here, you bonk them first?” asked Adam. One reason he enjoyed his visits to Ezra’s compound was because of a big difference from all other places: there were no surveillance cameras on the estate. One felt remarkably free there. An astonishing experience. It had a quality of exuberant flagrancy about it. One lived in a constant state of rule-breaking.

Ezra laughed. “No, not really. I fuck most of them here. Such a good host I am.”

“You invite them on condition that they get bonked? Like that guy in the 20th century, the one who had the mansion?”

“Am I the Hugh Hefner of the 21st century? The Christian Hugh Hefner? Maybe. Maybe I should give my body to science. Pardon the slip into narcissism. To tell the truth, I’d give my body to science if they cloned my cock.”

“You call yourself a Christian with all this bonking you get up to? You’re no better than Gay Rectal Revenge.”

In their latest video, GRR had issued a deathly threat. Whereas before they had merely sodomized their captives and then let them back into society to bear the shame of their rectal abuse amongst friends and family, GRR now threatened that they would sodomize their captives using HIV-infected men as the sodomizers, so their captives would be infected with the deadly disease of AIDS.

Ezra was a little stung by Adam’s comment.

“Listen, the Bible has all the answers, but you can’t stick your dick in it. Women were made for men to enjoy, anyway. The most valuable piece of bone in all history was Adam’s rib. The one great thing God did for us was when He took that rib and made a woman out of it.”

“In your case, He used every rib in your body to make you a whole collection.”

Ezra laughed. “Hey, I think of all my sex escapades as strictly spiritual experiences, Adam.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“There’s a reason a man’s cock points to heaven, Adam.”

“That’s one way of looking at it.”

“I always pray for forgiveness beforehand, just like any Beloved is supposed to do.”

“I can hear you, a Blessed, pray for forgiveness. It’s more probable that you get a kick out of listening to the poor Beloved you bonk pray for forgiveness before you nail her.”

Ezra chortled. “You’re a guy after my own heart, Adam. I prefer Christians who are also men of the world. You may still be a Beloved, but not for long. I’m putting you up for Blessed at my next Super Patriot Board meeting.”

“Really, Ezra? Bible promise?”

Over the Patriot Boards were Super Patriot Boards, staffed by higher-tier Blesseds, who were supposed to oversee the Patriot Boards, but often neglected their duties, which was why Patriot Boards had been able to grab more power than they were originally intended to have.

“Bible promise,” said Ezra.

Adam had no idea how he could thank Ezra. This was really the biggest thing that one man could do for another. Embarrassed, he resorted to humor.

“They’ll like your reasons for wanting me to be a Blessed, that I’m a man of the world whom you can talk to about sex.”

Ezra laughed again. “Quite frankly, Adam, why didn’t they make you a Blessed when you published your big book?”

“I was blocked by my Dean at the University. A guy called Proctor. That was the gossip at the time.”


“Academic jealousy. My editor had refused a book of his. Proctor got all upset with me about it, because he thought I’d sabotaged him with the editor.”

“Did you?”

“No. The editor just happened to have taste. Mind you, I can’t say I fought for Proctor’s book either. His book was really a rehash of old ground. Later on he made his reputation when he started the whole Sexual Aversion Therapy business.”

“When you’re a Blessed, you should feel free to get him back. Crush your enemies, that’s my motto, Adam.”

“I thought your motto was the highest good is the highest TV ratings.”

“That, too.”

“I’ve got a new motto for you. She who enters my compound will be entered by me.”

Ezra nearly fell over. “I’m going to remember that. See that one? Fucked her last night.”

Ezra waved at the woman. She waved back. Then she made a little signal at him and he laughed.

“By the way, Adam, these females are yours for the taking. Feel free. Go for
it. Every minute your Christian cock spends outside a pussy is a waste of good life. These females are an amenable lot. It’s not often a Beloved will refuse a Blessed. Especially if he asks nicely.”

“I’ll wait until I actually am a Blessed.”

“Check in with me first, to see if I’ve fucked them already. I get first dibs. Privilege of the host.”

“I’m thanking you in advance for allowing me your seconds.”

“Listen, I could tell you who are the best ones, and warn you off the lousy ones.”

“You could be my John the Baptist.”

“Holy shit of Islam, Adam, that’s just about the most treasonous statement I’ve ever heard.”

“Sorry, I should wait till I’m a Blessed like you. Every second sentence out of your mouth is pure treason. That crack about the Bible having all the answers but you can’t stick your thing in it, deserves a life sentence without parole.”

“If I were a Patriot Board, I’d throw you in jail for saying that John the Baptist thing, instead of throwing you to all these lovelies. Being a Beloved sure doesn’t cramp your style. God knows how outrageous you’ll be as a Blessed.”

They arrived at the pool. Ezra stopped to look over the women.


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