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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Weird World: man reveals his attraction to two women by licking their car window

From PervScan:
“A sex pest was caught licking a woman’s car windows after propositioning her and her friend. Anne Bebbington, 21, and Donna Young, 18, were sitting in their car having a snack when Tomasz Rupinski, from Poland, started kissing the windscreen. He licked the windows of the car as the women waited for the police to arrive." — Daily Record (UK)
It’s amazing what unsatisfied lust can drive a person to do. Here you have a guy who dragged his tongue through dirt, toxic residue, and perhaps pigeon shit out of the ill-conceived notion that it was some flattering display of desire, like a peacock dance. Did he really think that, in the face of this disgusting exhibition, his desiderata were going to leap out of their car screaming, “We can’t take it anymore! You’re irresistible! Lick our slits with that filthy tongue! Smear that pigeon shit on our clits!”


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