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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Now that Joe Lieberman has lost the Dem primary in Connecticut over his backing of Iraq War, will Dems learn something?


The Democrats are so scared to be thought weak on national security, they'd back any war -- Iraq, Lebanon, even a war on Canada. And they are being catatonically stupid -- the easiest way to win seats in November would be to say you'll fight for the right of our troops to come home immediately. Isn't it weird when a party follows its fears rather than popular opinion? It proves how inbred politics can become. The majority of Americans want out of Iraq ASAP, yet the majority of its politicians, Republican and Dem alike, want to stay there, because they think it's political advantageous to come off all butch and warlike.

Fuck all politicians with the business end of a pineapple. Who do they represent -- us or themselves?


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