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Friday, August 04, 2006



Adam ran straight up to her and felt a pain in his calf. He ignored the pain. Eve giggled at him. He folded her in his arms. Gaunt, haggard, bony, ten years older. The bloom blown off her, as if she had been covered in plastic explosives which blasted all her roundedness away till she was all sharp angles. Wrinkles. Her lips and nose and eyes seemed bigger, because the rest of her face had sunk in around them. The appropriate word was skeletal.

His heart melted. Eve redux. Look what they’d done to her. His Eve. She needed care. He would give it to her. He would fatten her up, round her out, love her into bloom again, put flesh on the bones of the dried flower.

He carried her out while Ezra and Rod ran behind him, and Dick ahead. They could still hear a few chuckles and peals of laughter here and there, but mostly the prison was eerily silent. They ran into the courtyard.

Ezra looked at his watch. “Ten minutes. Let’s get out of here before the helicopters arrive.”

One of their number stood in a corner and watched two men, a prisoner and a guard. The two were cheerfully trying to strangle each other, their hands around each other’s throats, while they laughed as if revenge, murder, death, and prison were all the biggest joke imaginable.

The others helped Adam strap Eve onto his mini-copter.

“Are you all right?” Ezra asked Lance. The actor had tied a rope around his leg above the wound below his knee.

“I’ll make it,” Lance replied.

They all manned their mini-copters. The others waited for Adam to take off first and then followed.

They had been airborne for only a minute when they heard the sound of a helicopter.

Ezra seemed bewildered.

“Where did that come from?”

“I think it may belong to the CEO of the prison factory,” Rod guessed over the radio.

“You come with me, Rod,” Ezra commanded. “Adam, you keep flying straight on.”

Ezra turned his ultralight back and headed towards the helicopter, Rod flying beside him. “Let’s get close enough to land a few laughing gas grenades,” said Ezra.

They did. Rod missed his first throw and connected with his second. The helicopter pilot started to laugh. He took the helicopter high up, scared of losing control so close to the ground. Ezra landed another laughing gas grenade and they flew on.

They landed at the strip.

“All present and accounted for,” said Ezra. Eve was still out. The men quickly packed the ultralights into the trucks. Ezra, Adam, and the rest of the men looked at each other smilingly as the trucks rumbled back to the compound.

“Let’s have the videos.”

Ezra put the first one in. Then he dragged a case of champagne out.

The men cheered and laughed as the first video started playing. It was a close-up of the prisoner and the guard strangling each other. Corks popped as the two men on the screen laughed and their faces turned blue under the pressure of their hands on each other’s throats.


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