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Sunday, April 29, 2007

New posting philosophy

I used to post every day. Now I'm going to post every Sunday for next morning Monday, with one or two additional postings later in the week. Why?

Number one: I don't have the time anymore. It takes three to four hours out of my day, and I'm about to launch a record album of a rock opera on an unsuspecting world within the next two months. It's going to take me a lot of time to market my rock opera via iTunes, MySpace and other music/social networking sites. I'm hoping to sell millions without a record company, and that's going to be a full-time job. (BTW, I will let you know all about it when it happens -- it'll be the rather fascinating story of an artist doing his own marketing in our new web-empowered world.)

Number two: with Bush a lame duck, and the Dems in charge of Congress, my ire about Bush/Cheney has lessened somewhat, although I would love to see those two mu'fuckas' asses impeached for the good of our country. If ever a Prez and a Vice-Prez deserved to be impeached, it's them. Still, we seem to be living in what Gramsci called an "interregnum" -- with a bad old world dying, and a new world about to be born in 2008 under Democratic President Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. I'm living for that day, and maybe when it comes, there'll be enough excitement for me to return to posting every day.

Meanwhile, you''ll still have something new to read on every week. Thank you for being there. And take heart. Our long national nightmare will be over by the end of next year.


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