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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Weird World: condom manufacturer flooded when it asked for volunteers to test product

Durex has been inundated with queries after launching its first UK recruitment drive for condom testers. The firm wants a panel of 5,000 people who are single, married, or in couples to report their experiences of using its condoms and lubricants.

Men and women of all ages, ethnic groups or sexual orientation have been asked to apply on its website. Durex was inundated with 14,000 applicants on the first day it started a similar scheme in France.

UK panellists will be expected to report online on how enjoyable the condoms and lubricants were to use and whether their sex lives have improved. "The idea is to create a massive panel of testers who can try Durex condoms, have sex and then give us feedback about their experiences - in strictest confidence, of course," a Durex spokeswoman said. "It isn't some crazy kind of '60s love-in," she added.


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