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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Adam's blogbox: your blogger has made a rock opera - here it is

Yep, your blogger is in a band, the Dingbots, and this is our rock opera. An epic sci-fi extravaganza, told in 20 songs and narration. Studded with sex, fun, and weird adventures.

Give your ears a listen at, where you can hear the first two minutes of every song -- FREE. Just click on "play all songs." Let our melodies embrace your senses like a giant vagina enveloping Planet Earth. Also, check out our website here, where you can make nasty or flattering comments. We even have a MySpace page here. It lets you interact with the Dingbots -- email, blog, offer sexual favors, whatever.

What do the Dingbots sound like? We sound like John Lennon and Abba had a post-modern love child, who in 2007 sings twisted lyrics to tuneful hooks that will rule the off-the-wall parts of your brain. Feel free to impart this momentous news to your friends, family, co-workers, the media and any other life form in your universe. It’s also a useful strategy to promote the Dingbots when you want to lull your enemies.

Do your ding.


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