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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Condi's warm-up act to the Oscars

Oscar outfits? Condi has trumped them already with her long black coat and stiletto-heel boots. "Rice arrived dressed all in black. She was wearing a black skirt that hit just above the knee, and it was topped with a black coat that fell to mid-calf. The coat, with its seven gold buttons running down the front and its band collar, called to mind the 'save humanity' ensemble worn by Keanu Reeves in 'The Matrix.' As Rice walked out to greet the troops, the coat blew open in a rather swashbuckling way to reveal the top of a pair of knee-high boots. The boots had a high, slender heel that is not particularly practical. But it is a popular silhouette because it tends to elongate and flatter the leg. In short, the boots are sexy." Read how power expresses itself in, what else? sex.


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