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Monday, March 28, 2005

May the wives of CEOs bear deformed children

Major Chick Molly Ivins: 'As you may know, one in six American women of child-bearing age already has enough mercury in her blood to put a developing fetus at risk. That's why pregnant women are urged not to eat many ocean and freshwater fish. If the Clean Air Act were simply implemented as it is supposed to be by the Environmental Protection Agency, we would be rid of over 90% of mercury emissions by 2008. But, of course, that would cost the power industry a lot of money, and the power industry gives lots of money to politicians. So the EPA came up with a "cap and trade" system, under which power plants can avoid meaningful regulation until after 2025. Then, the EPA, whose name is rapidly becoming a morbid joke, had the gall to put out a press release claiming its new rule will cut mercury by 70% in 2018. Using the EPA's own figures, it fails to do even that. We'd be lucky to get a 50% reduction by 2020, according to Natural Resources Defense Council.' WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE? Since we're into saving the lives of the unborn, can we at least make sure they come out in one healthy piece?


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