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Monday, March 28, 2005

Cinephile looking for chick

'Bill Heidbreder, a cinephile who lives in Manhattan, catches 10 art films a week on average, a quota maintained for the last 20 years, ever since his college days in Berkeley, Calif. For someone who doesn't make a living as a film critic, that is a lot of leisure time spent in front of a screen. To gratify his habit, he stints on food: dinner is often just two slabs of wheat bread mortared together with peanut butter. Some of these details about Mr. Heidbreder are already a matter of public knowledge, at least to that tiny segment of the public acquainted with his role in the film "Cinemania," a study of five compulsive New York cinephiles. The documentary's creators, Angela Christlieb and Stephen Kijak, somehow inveigled this collection of loners to tell their stories directly to the camera. One of the more interesting quirks uncovered was one character's pursuit of a low-fiber diet to minimize unwanted trips to the toilet and thereby maximize his screen-viewing time.' Apparently this Bill dude is looking for a chick, so sidle up to him if you catch him at Moma, Walter Reade or Anthology. He's a summa cum laude English Major. Click to see his nice picture here. "Film is a form of living," Bill says. "You have to accept that that is normal - for you." To go many years without sex, but to spend the time notching up experiences with film, he says, is not just a life but a wonderful life. He'd probably appreciate a blow-job while watching Antonioni's Blow-up.


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