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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Serial novel JESUSLAND Chapters 5 and 6

(Our serial novel set in a U.S. that's become a theocracy, continues. If you want to catch up, click here and look under 'Previous Posts.' Chapters are short, you'll catch up quick.)


From the second row of the VIP section, Adam turned and looked behind him. He saw a sea of expectant faces under a bewildering explosion of fancy hats.

If the Reformation had a fashion statement, it was the hat. A woman was her hat: the crown of her existence, the apogee of her creativity, the sun of her being, her celebration of being chosen by the Lord above.

No woman was allowed in public without a hat. It was as strict a Dress Law as the Scarlet A for single mothers and lipstick for V-dolls.

The Hat Awards Season was upon them, and new creations sprouted like flowers in spring. Last season hats had gone small and intricate. This season they promised to be big and spectacular. Fronds, tendrils and sticking-out tentacles signaled a major new trend.

Adam got invited to special public events such as this one since he had founded the first chair of Creationism at Columbia University. As an academic pioneer of the Reformation, his days of brightest celebrity were over – oh, those heady days of the first inroads of the Reformation -- but his name was still well known.
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