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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Some fine scorn about where Bush is taking us

'This country is becoming more unrecognizable with each passing day. The government, we've learned recently, now packages the news. It provides television stations with hundreds of video news releases made up to resemble actual news reports that give us predigested, Orwellian information designed to convince the public that everything in the nation is being well-managed. Alongside this propaganda circus comes the added revelation that the presidential hops George W. Bush is taking around the country to peddle his case for dismantling Social Security are not conversations with local citizens--as they are billed--but carefully arranged events before prescreened audiences who hear presentations from panelists who've been, by the recent admission of one of them, repeatedly rehearsed on what to say. Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security issues a doomsday scenario that details the consequences of a dozen possible terrorist attacks--complete with body counts and economic damage estimates. The department insists it is not trying to scare the public, although how a report that one would hope would receive the most limited circulation gets "leaked" to the public is anybody's guess. It just happens, also, to fit well--and not surprisingly--with the antics of an administration that has turned promoting and exploiting public fear into an art form that Joseph Goebbels would envy.' It's time someone added up all the references to Nazi Germany in Bush-bashing. Click for more of this particular projectile vom of rancid bile here.


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