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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sin City's got white, yellow, and yes, red blood

At last, an actually real comic book movie. With comic book gore and blood in three colors. I won't take my girlfriend, who quite properly and nobly despises violence, but hey, I'm a boy, I love splatter and limbs ripped asunder. 'For Bob Weinstein, meanwhile, the gore in every scene is secondary to the romantic underpinnings of the three plots. "If all there was was the violence of the comic book, nobody would be making this movie including me," he said. "What transcends it is these are three lugs who happen to be in love with these women in very different ways--the knights in dirty armor. Bruce Willis is the protector, Clive Owen is fighting for the honor of the women of the streets and Mickey Rourke was framed. It's about the lengths they will go for redemption and revenge. That's the core of it, and that's what Robert and Frank got, and that's what every film noir piece has. And people love that." Of course, not every film noir piece shows the heads of five prostitutes mounted on a wall, or a dog eating the legs of a still-live boy, or a man ripping out the genitals of another man, or--but never mind.' More here. Really looking forward to boy's legs being eaten by dog, especially if the boy is totally innocent, and the dog is his own puppy. Oh boy, am I a boy, and a bad boy at that.


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