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Monday, April 25, 2005

The DNA of dog shit

Dog shit becomes a deeply scientific matter. From a friend:
"From the motorcycle-mounted poop-sucking vacuum cleaners of Paris to the zero tolerance $1,000 fines of New York, every dog city has come up with its own way of handling the problem. In the eastern German city of Dresden, poop police will soon be using the latest forensic science to do the job of catching dogs whose owners let them poop and run: DNA testing. In the city's center, local advisory committee member Karl Jobig is pushing a plan that would require all of the city's 12,500 dogs to have their DNA collected and analyzed, so that future uncollected leavings could be picked up by the city and checked against a database and their owners fined.
The plan is not yet official, but has received wide support in Dresden, despite the fact that DNA testing is a highly contentious issue in Germany, and some pet advocates have raised concerns about animal rights infringement. Germany recently banned a controversial practice that enables fathers not convinced of their children's legitimacy to secretly subject both child and mother to DNA testing. Officials in the state of Saxony, however, says that taking dog DNA wouldn't trample dogs' rights regarding their personal information, because they don't have any such rights to begin with."
Call in the Canine Civil Liberties Union.


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