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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Serial novel JESUSLAND, chapter 12

(Our serial novel set in a U.S. that's become a theocracy, continues. If you want to catch up, click here and look under 'Previous Posts.' Chapters are short, you'll catch up quick.)

I must steel myself for the fight of love, thought Eve. It’s all very well to discard my bra, but underneath its absence I must strap on a hard metal of the mind to protect myself. I must wear body armor forged of the most impenetrable wariness.

Just look what was happening to her best friend in the world of men. Rachel had fallen in love with a man, who promised her marriage. So Rachel had slept with Simon, which was admittedly against the protocols of the Bureau of Behavior Management under the Dating Contract that Rachel had signed with him.

But then, when Rachel had fallen pregnant, and it was Simon’s bounden duty to marry her, he had left her for a granddaughter of Pat Robertson, because this marriage would be advantageous to his own career as an evangelist, even though there were all those rumors about her grandfather’s penis. To read on, click here.


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