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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Why is it the best political comment comes from the Onion and Jon Stewart's Daily Show?

From the Onion: Bush To Nominate Next Person Who Walks Through Door (via Bitch.Phd)

After Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination for the Supreme Court Thursday, President Bush announced that he will nominate the next person who walks through his door. "I assure the American people that the next person who enters my field of vision will be a highly qualified candidate of unimpeachable character, with a solid record, and--what's more--a good heart," Bush said. As of press time, 17 people were waiting outside the door, including the president's daughter Jenna, and special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

THE BEST POLITICAL comment makes fun of politics. Because that's the best way to respond to a bunch of self-serving, self-lauding, money-grubbing, bromide-spouting hacks who want to exercise power for a living. They must be punctured at all times, these people with the gumption to run for our leadership - and that's why funny is how to comment on their doings. We can only enjoy our leaders when we see them embarrassed or made fun of. Making fun of authority, especially when it's so blowhard, appeals to the child in us all. Pundits, take note. Bill Maher sort of has the right idea with his version of the McLaughlin show, but he should really load up on more comics in his lineup -- at least two comics per roundtable -- if he wants to enter the pantheon of the Onion and the Daily Show, our two sharpest political commentators.


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