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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Adam's dream

I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamt there was this brown spidery bug that bit people, and made them sick with a kind of flu, but one of the side-effects of the flu was to make people horny -- and make them come easily.
Women would in fact come so hard and so easily, they’d produce an ejaculate (like some women do) from glands they never knew they had before.
So this doctor started a business with this bug, because women who never got orgasms (and there are many of them) were clamoring to be bit by this bug.
He’d make sure that once their bodies learned to come because of the flu, they’d transition into the same orgasmic behavior when the flu wore off. They’d keep this one side-effect from their illness.
So they came to his clinic and jerked off furiously while they were sick, and kept it up for a week after they were well again, so their orgasmic potential endured into their normal lives, and they left his clinic as fully functioning sexual creatures.
Interesting dream, huh?


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