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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Weird World: woman doesn't want to give birth on 06/06/06, because she's scared it'll come out the devil's child

A pregnant woman who is due to give birth on June 6 wants to be induced as she is terrified of giving brith to the devil. Melissa Parker says she has been having nightmares ever since she was told that her due date is 06/06/06 or 666. "When I got my due date I thought 'Oh God, I'm giving birth to Damien from the Omen. Every day I wake up feeling something bad will happen. I'm terrified the birth will go wrong or the child will have evil in him or her. Even worse my beautiful baby could be the devil himself - the anti-Christ. I like The Omen and saw an advert for the remake. Now I'm even more worried." Melissa, who lives with road worker partner Lee in Caversham, Berks, has been told by Royal Berkshire Hospital that her due date cannot be changed. A hospital spokesman said: "Due dates are not 100% certain. There is little we can do to change them without a Caesarean or inducing the child, which we try to avoid. We must let nature take its course. The baby will be born when ready, no matter what day it is." 666 is mentioned in the Bible and many cultures believe it represents the date the anti-christ will appear on Earth.


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