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Thursday, June 29, 2006



“What did she think she was doing with the man when she received this so-called disease from him?”

“She had a strange view of sex.”

“Why do you say that?”

“She thought one had sex for the glory of God. Sex was in honor of Jesus Christ.”

There was another audible intake of breath in court. Some Beloveds in the audience thought they could be brought up in front of a Patriot Board just for inadvertently hearing a thought so extravagantly Non-Sanctioned.

“She thought sex out of wedlock was in honor of Christ?”

“Yes, she thought the pleasure of sex was given to us by Christ to enjoy ourselves for His sake.”

“She said this?”


“So she desecrated the name of the Lord when it came to her base desires?”

“Yes, she did not think of sex as the way in which life is created, but a way in which we devoted and dedicated our pleasure to God.”

“Would you say, on the evidence of what you heard her say, that she is a heretic? A pagan?”

“She talked like one, yes.”

“Would you say she was looking for sex for its own sake instead of to meet a prospective husband?”

“Yes, I’d say so.”

“Would you say she was looking for sex without considering that its primary function is to create precious life?”


Rachel started crying again. Eve looked at her former friend and wondered: what had they put her through to get her to this point of breakdown? They were pitting women against women, females against females. That was how they worked.

“We will have another recess for the witness to recollect herself. Female witness, are you strong enough to continue?”

The judge gave Rachel a hard look. “You are trying the patience of the court with your tears,” he sneered. “You are to give your evidence, and not come here with these irritating female ways. Understand?”

Rachel nodded meekly.

The judge sighed as he got up to return to his chambers.


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