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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Do you like sexy books?

Where are they? Splinters says: “Chuck Palahniuk's Choke is a great example.” And then he gives the best raison d’etre for sexy books: “There must be hundreds of other books that use sex as an exploration of being alive rather than simply life being the byproduct of it. I want to find those books.”

So do I. Email me at about your favorite sexy books. I’ll post them. There’s room for serious pornlit in this world, dammit. Where is today’s D.H. Lawrence or Portnoy’s Complaint?

Meanwhile, here’s an interview with Susannah Breslin, a writer who is also a porno pundit. She says about her short story collection: “There's a story about a midget porn star, a story about a woman whose husband gets turned on when she pretends to be a lamp, a story about a man who has his penis cut off.” Sounds good.

Also, check this Amazon page for books about porn and its industry.


At 2/03/2005 6:03 PM, Blogger Marjorie said...

Sexy books. Not speaking of the author's writing ability but speaking of something "unmentionable." John Norman wrote a series of Gor books. Excellent. Anne Rice wrote the bridal path series and then there was one entitled "Dark Angel" that had a wonderful scene where someone was going to photograph a woman and she didn't want to be photographed. All very erotic stuff...... May this add to your erotic libraries.........


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