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Friday, February 18, 2005

Novels on your cell phone (holy shit!)

From Moby Lives, the original lit blogger. “Banking on the theory that cell phones 'could become the latest outlet for books' via text messaging, Random House yesterday announced its purchase of a 'significant minority stake' in Vocel, a company that provides 'premium–branded applications for mobile phones.' Cell phone texts have already caught on in Germany, South Korea and Japan, where a cell–novel became so popular it was turned into a movie, 'Deep Love.' Richard Sarnoff, president of Random House Ventures, foresees other uses like 'using phones to transmit dictionary definitions. And when you learn a language, you can have the word appear on your screen and also hear how it's pronounced.'" Perfect for poems: read them and hear them simultaneously. Imagine a cell-phone slam.

In related news, Yale Professor Craphogger has launched "Toilet Novels" -- novels printed on toilet paper, so you can read a new bit every time you wipe yourself.


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