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Friday, February 18, 2005

Serial novel ALL THE PEOPLE YOU CAN EAT, Chapter 6: Tiara's Charity Ball

To catch up, click here for the first 5 chapters and look under "previous posts" (chapter are short, you'll catch up in 15 minutes).

Within a week the news was all over town. Spriggy told Viviana who told Uwa who told Evaka who told Cantata who told Tosca who told Liz who told the world. At one point someone even told a publicist, although that was hardly necessary given the circles in which Spriggy moved.

Tiara Blaine’s latest extravaganza was going to be the biggest, most amazing and chic-est Charity Ball ever. The premise was simple. All the ladies who were going to attend were told to wear their most expensive evening outfits. Then, at the ball, their gowns were to be auctioned off. Since they’d have no clothes to wear after the auction, they would change in the Big Tent of Many Cubicles, where each could bring their own dresser to fashion an outfit on the spot from a simple piece of cloth woven by Ungungu women.

The name of the Charity Ball was The Ungungu Refugee Gala. It was rumored that the Met had agreed to a special exhibition of all the Ungungu Refugee Gala Garments later in the year, complete with the name-tags of their former and current owners. The money expected to be raised, conservatively estimated in the tens of millions, was to be donated to the Ungungu Refugee Relief Fund. As everyone knew, things had turned dreadful in Ungungu, what with children starving to death by the thousands since the Ungungu Civil War started with the genocide of the Tattas by the Humus – or was it the other way around? Click here to continue.


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