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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Calling all assholes who refuse to call themselves feminists

I saw no point in hating Arab men after 9/11, but this story gets me close.
A Jordanian man shot dead his divorced 31-year-old sister after seeing her photo on his friend's camera-equipped cellphone in the latest honor killing in the kingdom. Then he turned himself in to police saying he committed the murder to 'cleanse his family's honor'. A 27-year-old shepherd, he had begun closely watching his sister after seeing her photograph on his friend's mobile phone. On Monday, he saw the man leaving his sister's house in a refugee camp 90km north of Amman, Jordan's capital. So he grabbed his gun, walked toward his sister and shot her twice in the head, killing her instantly. The woman had one child.
It's the fifth honor killing in Jordan this year. Those found guilty face sentences of up to one year in jail under Jordanian law, but usually get around 6 months. In March, a man stabbed his sister to death after finding out she had agreed to an unofficial marriage with a man who subsequently disappeared. At least 19 women lost their lives in honor killings in Jordan last year.
Maybe instead of hating Arab men, I'll think about hating Islam instead. I already hate Christianity for what it's doing to American men: making them hate women enough to try and take away their choices about having babies, and hating gays enough to stop them from marrying each other. If you're not gay or female, what business is it of yours anyway, you goddam intolerant fundamentalist Christian asshole? Maybe I'll just hate men instead. If I were a billionaire, I'd secretly fund and train a team of Vigilante Women to roam the world and court-martial all honor killers, rapists and wife-beaters. Their sentence? Cut off the men's dicks. Imagine thousands of dickless men walking around. Not very tolerant, I know, but can you think of a more effective deterrent?


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