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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bookplanet: interview with Dalkey Press editor

Excellent interview with Dalkey Press's Chad Post here, about novels in translation. He gives a few of his favorite picks. I haven't heard of any of them. Have you?
"The new Julio Cortazar book from Archipelago THE DIARY OF ANDRES FAVA is interesting, although HOPSCOTCH and 62: A MODEL KIT are the absolute best Cortazar books. Another amazing author I discovered just a couple years ago is Antonio Lobo Antunes. All of the books Grove has published by him are great, but THE ACT OF THE DAMNED is my favorite. In terms of Dalkey books, Patrik Ourednik's EUROPEANA is amazing, as is Ivan Angelo's THE CELEBRATION. I'm really excited that Northwestern finally brought out Borislav Pekic's HOW TO QUIET A VAMPIRE. I'd also highly recommend Javier Marias's DARK BACK OF TIME ."
A feast of juicy reads, eh? Go ahead, take a few bites.


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