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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bush promises probe into Saddam underwear pictures

I swear, that's a Reuters headline. It wasn't written by the Onion or Private Eye.
Now that Washington has "promised an investigation on Friday into how pictures of Saddam Hussein in his underpants were splashed across the front-page of Britain's biggest-selling daily newspaper," I am personally prepared to pay the following money, hard cash, for these pictures:
Dick Cheney in his underwear: $1 million.
Tom DeLay in his underwear, with a good view of his package: $2 million.
Tony Blair's balls: $3 million (for a single ball, with a partial view of the other, $2 million).
Saddam holding hands with Donald Rumsfeld, both in their underwear: $100 million.
And if you can photoshop any of these, I'll pay you $5 a picture and put it up on this blog for universal disssemination. Saddam has shown the way. Let's have pictures of ALL our political leaders in their underwear. For too long have they been hiding behind boring suits. It's time to out the lot of them. We need to see what we're voting for.


At 5/22/2005 6:13 PM, Blogger MMark said...

I'd like to see Condie Rice in her under wear, and all they guys you mentioned too.


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