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Friday, May 20, 2005

We need a National Nurse

I love this. A columnist in the NY Times suggests we throw out the Surgeon-General and replace him with the National Nurse.
"After all, nurses are considered the most honest and ethical professionals, according to a recent Gallup poll. It's the nurse whom the patient trusts to explain the treatment ordered by a doctor. It is the nurse who teaches new parents how to care for their newborn. It is the nurse who explains to the family how to comfort a dying loved one." More here.
She goes on to say: "Now, I'm not saying that a National Nurse will become a household name immediately. But given all that's at stake - the health of a nation - and given the surgeon general's inability to connect with Americans, it seems to me that we should at least give nurses a try."
YOU GO, GIRL. I actually think a National Nurse would immediately become a household name. A nurse is like a fire-fighter: a good guy of the absolutely noblest type: the self-sacrificing. And like a fire-fighter, there's something sexy about a nurse. Sexy never hurts.


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