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Friday, May 20, 2005

South Korea will rule the world

Two things you should know about the South Koreans. They lead the world in broadband access. And they invented movable type, hailed by the world's scientists as the greatest human invention ever, long before Gutenberg did. And now they've taken the lead in stem cell research, by cloning the human embyo to produce stem cells. It also happens to be the great leap forward towards the cloning of human beings, which will happen, no matter what the Catholic Church, Bush, and even you, may have to say about it. China may be the East's new America, the industrial powerhouse of the world. But the Koreans are the ones whose scientific advances will revolutionize our world.
"The South Korean scientists worked hard, said Dr. Gerald Schatten of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, who visited their laboratory and helped the scientists, whose English is limited, write their paper. 'They work 365 days a year except for leap year, when they work 366 days,' Dr. Schatten said. 'They have lab meetings at 6:30 every morning except Sunday, when they have them at 8.'"
On work ethic alone, they cream the rest of the world.


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