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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Palestine's big new friend: China

Did you know that the Chinese are signing up trading partners and strategic alliances all over the world, faster than you can read Mao's Little Red Book? Hey, not only have they got our economic balls in their pocket, because we owe them so much money -- they're also beginning to outflank us politically.

Their latest partner? Palestine. Yep. They're lining up on the side of Palestine, like we're lined up on the side of Israel. It's nothing less than a direct challenge to our hegemony. You're looking at the beginning of the Chinese Century. They're the third largest economy in the world now, and they'll pass us as the biggest economy in another two decades. They're also reaching out to take over from us as the political leader.

From Culture of Life News Breaking:

"The Chinese push to line up a web of interlocking alliances and accords and trade agreements, is historic and astonishing and amusing to witness, particularily since 90% of this activity is deliberately hidden from the American people by our own media, which considers this to be a non-story.

It is the biggest story. Bar none. Bigger than anything else going on right now. Tracing this activity and understanding what it means is very important. The latest conquest without firing a shot: Palestine.

Visiting Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas received the pledge from Chinese leaders to provide economic aid health care and housing by the signing of five bilateral agreements in Beijing. Abbas, on his first three-day state visit to China since taking over from the late Yasser Araft in January, held talks with President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao and State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan. President Hu said the Chinese Government and its people supports the 'just cause' of Palestinians, saying the way to establish an independent Palestinian state is to conduct political negotiations on UN resolutions, and resume the Road Map peace plan.

China is basically going to be the primary sponsors in the Security Council for the Palestinians. This is going to be a formal relationship whereby the Chinese will directly funnel Palestinian political demands into debates in the Security Council. This puts China at total odds with the USA who is the primary sponsor of Israel.

This sponsorship also means that Palestine, who lost the sponsorship of Russia when the communists there fell, is no longer friendless and easily pushed around. What is more, the sponsor of Israel owes tremendous sums of money to the sponsor of Palestine.

This is a fun thing indeed. Abbas also visited the Beijing urban planning centre. Yin said 'the tour showed Abbas's desire and preparation to build and design his city rather than fight with Israel.' Premier Wen Jiabao told the Palestinian visitor the two countries should expand human resources development and training, adding China is willing to help Palestine nurture even more professionals. In recent years, China has sent its special envoy Wang Shijie to the Middle East several times in an effort to move forward the peace process.

This means China will integrate Palestine within its growing Co-Prosperity Sphere. America has put all its energy into promoting Jewish colonialism. The Chinese are not trying to colonize Palestine, so the potential for conflict is near zero, and the benefits of accord are high. Connect this with China's new bilateral relationship with Iran, and one sees clearly how they are exploiting the rising tide of anti-Americanism in the Muslim world. American unpopularity is making diplomacy there nearly impossible for us.

In the past, nearly always when there was a fracas, the Israelis hit back at will. No one could stop them, since Palestine had been pretty well isolated, with no real allies. This is rapidly changing. This editor expects Abbas to return with a series of initiatives and actions that will alter the way Palestine has reacted to events. Previous to this, all they could do was rage. The repeated comments in China about peaceful resolutions and strengthening Palestine are designed artfully to reassure -- as well as warn. Namely, this is no longer a war, and it is up to the Israelis to pull out swifty. So far, the Israelis have been groping for excuses concerning this pull out, which moves with glacial speed. They imagine they have all the time in the world.

This is a delusion. If the Chinese move in aggressively to build alongside the Palestinians, one thing they will not allow will be Israeli interference. The first thing that will happen is the establishment of a large port and airfield, to accommodate the potential trade. China is willing to take a loss on this trade, for the value of this will lie not in money, but in setting up and controlling a very valuable stone on the international Game of Go.

Right after 9/11, Bush went to the UN and suddenly announced he supported the creation of the State of Palestine -- and since that day, nothing but death and misery has been poured on the Palestinian people. It is altogether too sad that the Knight on the White Horse is China, not us. We could have developed a sane state building relationship, since we bankroll Israel, and therefore hold the strings to power there. A lost historic moment and not the last by far."

THERE you go. That's the news of the day that most of us remain unaware of. China is deliberately reaching out to the many nations that don't like us anymore. They're fast adding South America to their sphere of influence, for example. And now Palestine. Bush has opened up all the space in the world for China to move into -- against us. I wish we had a smarter bunch running our country, but we don't. Strategic fuckwits. We're going to be forced to get out of Iraq, and have an Iraq-Iran alliance against us, caused by no one but ourselves and our blundering ways, and backed by China, who will compete with us for Middle-East oil, which they'll scoop up for themselves. There's nothing we can do about that, because China has got us by the balls anyway, since we owe them so much money. I suppose it doesn't matter that we're such fuckwits, actually -- sooner or later China will lead the world anyway.


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