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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Slogans of Paris in May 68

Some of the slogans graffitied on the walls of Paris in May 68's student revolution (which did do something: brought down De Gaulle). I find them quite beautiful and antiquely naively idealistic. Read and remember:

The Revolution must take place in men before occurring in things.

The thought of tomorrow's enjoyment will never console me for today's boredom.

It is forbidden to forbid. Freedom begins by forbidding something: interference with the freedom of others.

The more I make love, the more I want to make the Revolution, the more I make the Revolution, the more I want to make love.

Run comrade, the old world is behind you.

The walls have ears. Your ears have walls.

The act institutes the consciousness.

To desire reality is good! To realize one's desires is better.

A single non-revolutionary weekend is infinitely bloodier than a month of permanent revolution.

Beneath the cobblestones is the beach.

We are all German Jews.

Be salted, not sugared.

I am in the service of no one, the people will serve themselves.

The barricade blocks the street but opens the way.

Art is dead, liberate our daily life.

Life is elsewhere.

The restraints imposed on pleasure excite the pleasure of living without restraints.

Let the imagination rule.


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