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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

US Diary: all agog about Haditha, the Iraq War's "My Lai"

Well, the storm about Haditha, the alleged massacre of Iraqi civilians by US marines, is breaking about our ears. I'm sick of it already, but tomorrow I'll provide a number of posts from all over the Net about it. Just so you can get a jump on the discussion, and also, because it really drives me crazy to think about it, and I want to get it out of the way.
Hell, the Iraq War is about more than the slaughter of these particular innocent women and children. Since the war started, we've probably bombed more than 10,000 innocent women and children to death. This incident reminds us that war is murder, and that's what we've been doing over there -- murdering Iraqis, who were no threat to us ever. When old men send young men with guns some place to kill people, there are going to be atrocities, for sure. The real atrocity is those old men sending those young men in the first place.


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