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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Books or men?

Over at Booklust, a woman asks: Books...Men...Books...Men...?

“Don't get me wrong. I love men. Especially the one I have. But sometimes, all I want to do is cuddle up with a really good book, and nothing else.

“I mean, let's be honest. Books are a great comfort. And there are so many of them. If you don't like one, you can easily find another. If you don't like what a book is saying, you can just close the damn thing. Try doing that with a man. And it's a hell of a lot easier to organize your books than to organize a man.

“And heh. The average book is 7 inches long. So what do you think? Books or men?”


At 2/05/2005 3:29 PM, Blogger Tracy Q said...

I don't agree with this woman. It's easy enough to bookmark a man and put him away for a short while, resume where you left off and even, hmmm, keep the suspense going as you would while reading a good story.

Just make sure you maintain separate apartments and the boundaries are in place. It's much sexier that way. I don't know who this woman is who says "it's a hell of a lot easier to organize your books" -- I feel like my books are completely out of control. I have them on shelves, furniture, the floor, and in my storage space. There is no reason and nothing rhymes.

I honestly feel that my love life is in a more organized state than my library. Her mileage may vary.


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