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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bookplanet: betting says Dumbledore snuffs it

I hate reviewers who spoil books by tellling the story instead of reviewing the book (film and play reviewers do it, too). But here it seems that betting is spoiling a plot surprise. Reports the Guardian:
"Ever since JK Rowling hinted that a major character would meet their death in the latest Harry Potter chronicle, speculation on the subject of where the axe will fall has been rife. Fans were expecting to have to wait until the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is published on July 16 to find out. However, a Sun newspaper investigation into odd betting patterns may have unearthed the secret a month early. And the future, it seems, is not looking bright for Albus Dumbledore. According to the Sun, the betting website Blue Square, which is running a book on the question of which character will be bumped off, has recently been inundated with punters wishing to place bets on the demise of the Hogwarts headmaster. But eyebrows were only raised when it transpired that most of the bets originated from Bungay - the town which is coincidentally home to the printers, Clays, who produced the previous five books in the Potter series."
I guess she'll have to print the next book in Katmandu.


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